More and more people decide not to have sex, the so-called asexual (it is considered asexuality the lack of sexual attraction to others or the low or no interest in sexual activity). In addition, several studies show that millennials have much less sex than previous generations, and this, for different reasons. The fact is that you may have wondered if you can get used to living without sex, can you? Is it feasible?

We all know the multiple advantages of practicing sex, with yourself or with another person, but what happens if you don’t practice it? We talked to sexologist Raquel Graña about it:

“It is each one’s decision to have or not have an active sex life, in principle, it does not have to have any negative consequences, as long as the person feels good about their choice. For example, asexual people generally do not feel sexual desire so they do not have erotic relationships or have problems of any kind. They are happy with their decision, ”he explains.

But beware, we must emphasize, as when we talked about the advantages of having an active sex life above, that practicing it has numerous advantages and this is evidenced by many studies: “There are studies conducted in the United States that the immune system looks affected by this lack of sex, weakening it. Cardiovascular activity is trained during erotic intercourse, which favors the protection of our immune system. Anyway, this study is a little scarce, since anyone who practices another type of cardiovascular sport should generate the same protection response. Other research talks about increased stress, irritability and bad mood. Here I must say that as in everything, whenever you practice activities that relax you and stimulate you like sports, your body will feel better, you will be in a better mood and your stress level will be lower, ”he adds.

That is, the practice of certain physical activities would be related to the level of satisfaction that you will have if you leave sex aside. The expert appointment, at this point, to the NoFap community, a community born in Reddit that defends not having sex, masturbation or any other type of erotic contact, and also, does not view pornography: “They defend that abstinence helps them to have more concentration, to feel more confident, more energy and greater emotional stability. I have heard about energy wear, especially in male masturbation, but there is little research in this regard, so we cannot give them any reason, ”explains the sexologist.

So, can you get used to living without sex? Sure. But Graña makes a recommendation: “Whenever a physical activity is practiced frequently, there is no reason to have any physical or psychological problems. Another thing is that, the person does want to have relationships and cannot because he does not find the right partner or other factors. Here it would affect, especially on an emotional level, ”he concludes.

So you know, as long as it is for your choice and not for structural reasons, you don’t have to ask yourself any problem saying bye bye to sex.


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